Gran Turismo 7: Car offers simply check in the browser

A fan page spare the view in Gran Turismo 7 to check offers for used cars and legendary cars.

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In Gran Turismo 7 there are three contact points to buy new cars for your collection: the normal dealership called Brand Central, the used car dealers and the shop for legendary and thus particularly expensive vehicles. The former has a fixed offer and will be expanded at most with future updates when developer polyphony digital new cars brings into play. However, the assortment of the other two shops is updated regularly. So if you want a very specific car that it does not exist at Brand Central, you have to constantly review the other two dealers. But alone to take the console when you do not want to play every day or no time for a few races, is annoying.

Fortunately, a diligent fan has developed a solution for this problem. He has made a website on which he lists which vehicles are available in both cases. The list should always be updated when there has been a corresponding update in the game. But since that happened manually, it could happen that the site is not up to date. However, the offers in Gran Turismo 7 do not change every day. Most used cars and legendary cars are always available for seven days, but a few is only available for two days (which, where the stock is limited).

The website will soon be extended by more functions. For example, a list of vehicles is planned, which you receive as a reward in the wake of Gran Turismo 7 campaign, as well as an overview of the vehicles whose engine can be exchanged. Anyone who slides the PlayStation-Exclusive racing game should save the site quietly as a favorite.

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