Victory number six in a row: red

The FC red-white Erfurt is currently not to stop on its way back to the Regionalliga: The 4: 1 at FC Grimma was victory number six in a row for RWE. Erfurt was present and superior in Grimma from the beginning, went through Hajrulla with the first chance of the game with 1-0 in Front: Winter access vertically curved the keeper and pushed one (12th). Erfurt also had everything under control in a row, Tavares laid the 2-0 after the break by low shot the 2-0 (36.). After resource whistle, a Seindemann dehydration made for the 3: 1 (62), WoiWod made in an advantageous situation for the 4: 0 (85.). Only with the last action Grimma achieved by summer after an Erurger negligence still the 1: 4 honor goal (90th). A safe success for RWE, only with the opportunity utilization, Coach Gerber could not be satisfied that day. “We do well to stay on the ground,” he warned accordingly after the game.

The VFC Plauen can keep as a sharpest pursuer currently further step: the late 3: 2 success in the top game at the SG Union Sandersdorf was a hard piece of work for the VFC. With a nice free kick hit, Kretzer still caused the 1-0 guidance of the guests (21.), but then Sandersdorf turned the game: First, Wonneberger turned a faulerfeter to the 1: 1 pause level (35.), then the same sadiger the ball An attack on the right side for up to date also earned 2: 1 over the line (59.). In the rest of the rooms, it did not look for a Plauen comeback for a long time, but there were also foul feet for the guests where Andreopoulos kept the nerves and set to 2: 2 (88.). And in the injury time, the table size still landed the Lucky Punch: Böttcher met after a disagreement in the rear team of Sandersdorfer to rejoice 3: 2 away success (90. + 3). Four meters thus continue to be the distance to Erfurt.

Krieschow Okay with Jena II

The VfB Krieschov is already exhausted in the table, even if Rangelov & Co. was a 3-0 success at the FSV Martinroda this weekend. After a balanced initial phase with advantages Martinroda, the VFB then got up better and walked through Jeschke after a corner with 1: 0 in front (24th), but then missed it to lay down in a slatted impulsion. In the second half, the events continued to be fairly balanced, only in the final phase, Paußling 2: 0 after a defense error the lid on the game (80th). Rim carrier then caused a fast attack still for the 3: 0 final score (88.).

KC@OAK: Walk-off homer gives A's 20th straight win

Krieschow is now equal with 31 meters with Carl Zeiss Jena II, which had to settle with a 3: 3 against blue-white Zorbau. It was an entertaining duel in which the guide changed several times. For Zorbau, Goalgetter Ricky Bornschein caused every three hits. With a 2-0 success, Meanwhile, Unit Wernigerode in the table of Bischofswerder FV. Lisowski by head (28th) and winegrow after a long ball (68th) provided here for the gates.

On Sunday, the duel VfL Hall vs. SV Arnstadt is still available. The game unit Rudolstadt against Inter Leipzig, however, fell victim to Corona.