Destiny 2

How to get the emblem of two sides – Destiny 2

To get the emblem of two sides in Destiny 2, you must purchase original soundtrack for **** Fate 2: Queen witches. Buying a soundtrack is the only way to get the emblem at the time of writing the article.

However, the emblem of two sides unique code which users get when buying a soundtrack. To buy an original soundtrack, you need to visit the official store Bungie.

Currently, the soundtroke costs 10 dollars , and after buying you will receive an email code. Having received the code, you can repay it by clicking on Bungie redemption center.

In the Redemption Center, log in using your account data for the platform where you play. After entering the code in the input field and click Activate. After repayment, you will receive an item at the next entrance to the game.

What is Destiny 2: Original Queen Witch Soundtrack, Digital Edition

The Witch Queen’s Orignal Soundtrack Digital Edition is a downloadable version of the soundtrack for Destiny 2. When users acquire a soundtrack, they receive more than two hours of music in mp3 file format. Players will also receive digital notes on the cover together with the preface of the composers of the soundtrack.

How to Get the Two Sides Emblem in Destiny 2

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