When will the Hogwarts Heritage come out?

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Footage REVEALED (+Release Date and FAQ) - Villain REVEALED!
Fans were able to familiarize themselves with the Hogwarts “Hogwarts Heritage” during Hogwarts’s legacy: the state of the game dated March 17, 2022. The game did not have the release date, but rather the release window holiday 2022 . Since many of the long-awaited AAA games are already scheduled for the festive months of 2022, Hogwarts Legacy may encounter tough competition.

What else was shown in Hogwarts Legacy State Of Play?

During the Presentation of State of Play, a huge amount of information was given about the game. An extensive view of the game World as well as The main character was shown. Players will explore Hogwarts as a fifth course student, visiting classes, a friend of friends and strengthening their magic skills.

It also showed detailed information on intra-card mechanics, such as kraft, grass and duels. It also turned out that players had the opportunity to explore the surroundings behind the walls of Hogwarts, visiting the nearby city of Hogsmid and small villages in the vicinity. Fans who want to better get acquainted with the game and all information included in the demonstration can revise direct broadcast on the PlayStation official website. YouTube Channel.

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