Hard West 2: Between Western and Strategy Tour Per Tour

Seven years after the first Hard West, and half a million copies sold all the same, Good Shepherd Entertainment formalizes the arrival of a suite. Strongly baptized hard West 2, it will register in the line of wedding between Grand West and Strategy Tour by Tour of the original, with orders the Studio Ice Code Games, based in Poland.

Thought for a more aggressive approach to the fighting, this new episode will spicele the whole of a pinch of supernatural, with an elusive ghost train in the heart of the plot. Launched in his pursuit, Gin Carter will have to compose a team of Desperados just as badly savvy as him to get his hand on the treasure that the convoy contains. The progress will be based on a loyalty system, through points and skills to unblock according to your choices, at the risk of attracting you from your ranks.

The turn of the turn of Hard West 2 will take place in dynamic environments, with a system that is supposed to reward risk taking, regenerating the action points according to the eliminations. To the player to have all the cards in hand, in the own sense and figuratively, to triumph over the occult powers. Note that this suite can rely on an original band signed Jason Graves (Dead Space, Tomb Raider), and a scenario co-written by Matt Forbeck (Deadlands). It is also possible to register via the official website for the closed beta to be held until April 7th.

血戰西部 (Hard West) 第二章節實況 / Hard West Walkthrough Part2


Hard West 2 – Presentation Trailer