The remaining Veljkovic: “There are no excuses”

Milos Veljkovic realized once again what he really meant with the “little shock” of which he had spoken on Wednesday afternoon. Of course he was not about the 1: 2 defeat at the 1st FC Heidenheim, even if it was annoyingly around the first to nine wins and a draw – but that will happen. The central defender rather aimed at the companion levels of the game and in the days afterwards, “the injury of important players”, as he said. Namely: Ömer Toprak, Marco Friedl, Mitchell Weiser.

New Werder defense chief? “I do not care”

This trio on Bremen regular players precipitates medium, partly longer term. With Toprak and Friedl, Veljkovic had formed the triple bread at Werder since the takeover of coach Ole Werner. Now the Serbian national player is likely to be the determining role in that defensive parts. Whether they could now call him, especially in the absence of Topraks, but as a defense director, others would have to judge, he says, “I do not care, I just try to make the team better by bringing my performance.”

All Your Excuses are Lies - Jocko Willink

In any case, the 26-year-old does not find a larger burden on his shoulders through the current situation – “Because I always take responsibility, as we played three together. That’s why I just do my job in the same way.” Veljkovic wool continues “normal” to go to the games, as in any other too. If he would now start talking even more than usual – as needed – that could only bring nervousness into the team.

Many changes: “We accept the challenge”

The fact that the personnel prerequisites in the defensive by the additional failure of right-back wiser are not ideal, the 15-color national player knows. There could be many changes, possibly also a change to the four-chain. “Two, three weeks” in front of the top match on Saturday against leaders SV Darmstadt 98 would certainly be helpful, but does not correspond to reality. Nevertheless, Veljkovic emphasizes: “We accept the challenge.” There is still enough players in the Werder squad, “who are ready to play – that’s why there are no excuses”. He feel confidence in his teammates, no worries.

Renewal? Veljkovic refers to international

Easily does not prepare his own contract situation, the contract expires, Werder would like to extend it. Perhaps you will be more intense in the soon to be upcoming international space break, Veljkovic implies – in this “important phase for the club” he would rather “not talk about my situation”, but focus on the Darmstadt game. An also responsible approach.