Fortnites impostors mode deactivates the divisive feature

Epic Games has revealed that the proximity voice chat has been deactivated in _fortnite_poster mode. The announcement was revealed today through the Twitter account of Fortnite Status. Voice chat can still be used, but the proximity voice function is no longer available. At this time, it is not clear if it is a temporary measure related to an error or if the elimination will be permanent. On Twitter, reception of elimination has been mixed; Many fanatics are disappointed that the function is not currently available, while others have indicated that racist and toxic comments have become a real problem lately.

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If the elimination is temporary, we should obtain information from Epic Games in the near future about when to expect it to come back. In general, the editor tends to solve problems fairly quickly. With luck, Epic Games will offer some clarity about the decision in any way and will provide a more substantial update than the previous 1. Racism and toxicity have been a big problem in many online games, and it is very possible that Epic Games has eliminated the function so that the experience is more enjoyable. However, until we know the specific reasons, everything is just speculation.

The impostore mode was added to fortnite last August, immediately making comparisons with Entre us. Like the game of Innersloth, Impostors Mode has two players who work to secretly sabotage the plans of the rest of the group. Players can even vote to get those who suspect that they are impostors. The similarity of the mode with Entre us was a great disappointment for the team of Innersloth, but there have been indications that the two games will offer some kind of official crossing in the near future. For now, however, fanatics will simply have to settle for the fortnite mode inspired by real deal!

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