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Dunpa Mobile, e Sports Possibility Possible Reason

The flowers of the Dungeon & Fighter (Dunpa) are PVP content. Dunpa’s adventurers are still looking for a dunple, which is still a lot of fun, which requires a brilliant combo and a fast and meticulous hand that is different from the ordinary dungeon content. Based on this, e-sports leagues have also been involved, and we are still shallowing and shallowing.

There is a duel in Dunpa Mobile, which is released on the 24th. Dunpa Mobile is a content that is making a duel, as well as a manual battle, and a manual battle to be unusual. Especially, it can be said that the possibility of development to e-sports is high enough to say that the dueling league is opened. Furthermore, it is very important that you can re-emotion of Dunpa e sports based on mobile e sports.

Dunpa Mobile is the most popular content is the duel?

In fact, the duel was the most popular content in the most recent Dunpa Mobile test. As a mobile game, careful controls are hard enough, but many users have found PVP content. In fact, if users are looking at the players in the duel, they can see that they are freely used for air-made timing and technical canliers, and a unique timing recovery, such as a technical cancellation, and a public combo.

There are two backgrounds that the duel is interested in Dunpa Mobile. One is because Dunpa Mobile boasts a handful of handmade and excellent operation. Thanks to the players, the players can put a psychological war and a combo without a pc. If the virtual pad is not familiar with it, it does not have to worry much worrying because it also supports smartphone game pads.

Another advantage, unlike the PC Dunpa duel, the dunes of the current Dunpa Mobile will be released to the wall of the entry barrier. Individually, players are not familiar with the operation, and the difference between the character is not greater than the character. This feature seems to be ahead of the release, and it is said that it is said that it will be devoted to the duel content to design a new internal decision system to prevent the development of development.

As it is added, the popularity of the duel is expected to be higher as PC original works, as it is added a casual PVP mode that can be easily enjoyed without being influenced by the pub dot, like a pub dot.

From player supply to sufficient infrastructure

As the PVP content is expected to be popular, it is naturally gathered on the sports side. Once the dunpet league that can be said to be the like of Dunpa E Sports, the dunpen league is opened, and those who enjoyed the duel in Dunpa Vinejin are also likely to go to mobile. In fact, there are many athletes that will be achieved by a mobile duel of a famous gamer or professional gamer who enjoyed a PC Dunpa duel.

As I said earlier, the new players may be easily excavated due to a low entry barrier. In particular, due to the nature of the mobile device, the future is also bright to boast high adaptation and physical. Currently, Dunpa League is steadily held, but it is a very large advantage because the new player excavation is not smooth.

Another reason is a variety of stocks. Once in Dunpa Mobile, you can spread 2 to 2 papers in addition to 1 and 3, and 3, and are relatively free in many bugs that have been disrupted in the early days of Dunfari. Here you may have a league for more than 10 years, and you can also dissolve several know-how in accumulation. Unlike the past Dunfan, which was the level heightened to the ground, it means that the infrastructure is sufficient.

Dunpa Mobile e Sports success leads to the success of Dunpa

In terms of Dunpa IP, Dunpa Mobile’s e-sports box is very important. This is because it can also affect the e-sports box of the whole Dunpa. Actually, the mobile version E sports appears to match when the e-sports popularity is declining, and the second prime period was welcomed by it. Typically, Katrider and Player News Battle Ground is a case.

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In fact, in the case of cartriders, the game was so long, and the league has been in a long period of time, so that new player supply and demand is hard and falling on the audience rating. However, Katrider’s mobile version of Cart Rider Rush Plus has been successful and stable and seated in a quick and reliable project, such as moving the amount of cartridges to the mobile league. In this process, a young user who had not been able to see the Kart Rider PC version was interested in Cart Rider, and the popularity of the cartridiaro was greatly climbed.

As long as good precedents, Dunpa Mobile and E sportsification are very important for the existence of Dunpa IP. Fortunately, when you build a game of the game, the preferences of users and many situations, Dunpa Mobile’s e-sports boxing is pretty high. I am ready for the release as much as I left, and I look forward to expecting it as an expected e-sport.