Lewandowski not with Bayern training

From a “little blessur”, FC Bayern spoke to Robert Lewandowski on Tuesday afternoon after the pole had stopped training after just over half an hour.

More details were not known on Wednesday, while training the Bundesliga top scorer was lacking.

It is possible that the Munich on Saturday against Union (18.30 pm, live! At Robert) to do without Lewandowski or protect him, the Champions League quarterfinal is on the program according to the following international game phase. The previous year’s games against PSG have proven to be impossible for it without the 33-year-old.

How Robert Lewandowski worked his way back on the pitch

Schreckseekt at SELE

For a shock second, Niklas Slee also caused the exercise at the beginning of the unit after two tentative sprints and paused in the Golf Cart. Immediately afterwards Bavaria’s dimensionally launched defender started again, but went back after an hour prematurely and slightly hobbling off the square.

Shortly before, Manuel Neuer, who had still paused on Tuesday for the sake of load control, had fallen into the cabin tract.