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GTA Online PS5 and Xbox Series X: How to use Career Builder

If you are new in gta online you may feel intimidated by the fact that you are getting into a game that has been evolving for almost a decade. GTA online Began as nothing more than a game in which players could commit minor crimes, careers and buy apartments and automobiles. It was very simple and direct, but over time, it has become a complex and layered gangster paradise. Now there are large-scale robbers ranging from great banks to the prevention of Eve Events, multiple cloudy businesses to manage and much more. It is discouraging to start now, but RockStar has made sure that the newcomers who acquired the game at Xbox Series X | S and PS5 can do it easily.

Enter Career Builder, a single-use reinforcement package for GTA online __ which allows new players to enter the game with a bit of security network. Previously, players began GTA online in a true criminal history of poverty to the wealth in which they would buy (or rob) low-end cars and build their reputation in the city. Now, Rockstar gives new players $ 4 million and allows them to choose between a series of articles from the beginning. In the same way, players who do not want to lose access to their latest generation characters now have the option to start over Xbox Xbox X | S or PS5 without being completely ruined.

Said all this, Rockstar has made sure that no one is left without some assets to start his GTA online. Xbox X | S and PS5 series. To obtain an appropriate guide step by step on how to use Career Builder in the new version of _GTA online Continue reading this article.

GTA Online: How to use Career Builder

If you have never played GTA online before, this is going to be relatively simple. Start the mode through the main menu or through the Character Selection Wheel that will be available after the Prologue of GTA V History mode of. From here, you will choose a space to save for your new character and you will enter the Career Builder. If you played GTA online before, but you want to create a new character to take advantage of this function, simply reap it in History mode or online. Once loaded, pause the game and go to the tab «Online» and select «Manage characters». You can have two characters at a time, which will allow you to maintain any progress you have made with your current character while you have an alternative.

This can only be done with new characters, so you can overwrite an existing one if you already have two characters or fill an empty space if you only have one.


GTA Online: Choose a professional career

After receiving your $ 4 million gift, you will be given the option of 4 professional careers: Executive, Pistolero, Nightclub and Motorcyclist owner. You are free to choose what you want, but we recommend the executive career because you have an office located in the city and a warehouse where you can buy and sell vehicles and special load. These are some of the most lucrative ways to earn money, so it is the most valuable way. The path of Gunrunner will greatly require more work, since the bunkers in which you have to operate are largely out of town and make a heavy trip. The rewards for all this are not necessarily worth it compared to the executive path.

The paths of the disco owner and the motorcyclist are also generally unsatisfactory in relation to the executive path, but all generate money and have their own benefits. Anyway, players are not limited to only one of these commercial companies after completing Career Builder. You can go shopping and starting any of these other businesses along with the one you choose here at a later date.


What Happens When You Enter The Career Builder In GTA 5 Online? (PS5/Xbox Series X)

GTA Online: Choose the elements of your professional career

After choosing your way, you can choose your initial elements, which include your properties, vehicles and weapons. You will have four tabs of elements to choose from, but the first two will vary according to the race you choose. You must choose at least one item of each tab and spend a minimum of $ 3 million. Some of the properties come with garages or beds, which makes them more expensive but also more useful. You can also choose several vehicles and several weapons to make sure it is fully equipped, but it would be prudent to save $ 500K – $ 1 million if possible in order to make additional purchases later. You will also be charged several fees for your employees and properties every 24 hours in the game, so the players must always have some thousands of dollars ready to use.

The last step here is to review your Career Builder options and end them. Remember, this is a single use feature, which means you can not create a new character and go through this process again. That said, once you have met the minimum requirements and be sure of your decisions, you can move forward.


GTA Online: Create your character and complete the tutorial

Now you are free to make your character as you want. There are a variety of personalization options, many of which can also be changed later. There are hairdressers, tattoos salons and a lot of clothing stores throughout San Andreas, so much of this is temporary. That said, things like your inheritance, key facial features and statistics will require you to be safer. All this can also be changed later, but statistics require you to train your character through things like exercise or shooting practice. Change your facial features also cost $ 100,000 for aesthetic surgery.

From here, you will be released from the Saints Police Department and you will be given a tutorial on how to play. GTA online. It is not as cinematic as the original tutorial, who presented Lamar picking up the airport player and presenting him to the city, but he puts you in the action faster. This tutorial will greatly teach the player how to use his business before freeing them in the open world.