All Duraludons abilities in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon fans will recognize Duraldon from many online teams in Sword and Shield. It is mainly used as a physical wall for a special attack, but in Pokémon Unite Duraludon is a powerful physical attacker. While his movements are special in the main games, they are all physical in online MOBA. These are all Duraludon techniques in the game Pokémon Unite.

Abilities and Basic Attacks Duraludon

Duraludon has heavy metal The ability that does not allow it to be pushed or abrasive once each 30 seconds . It does not allow movements such as Confusion from Mr. MIME, withdraw DURALUDON from position or push it to the wall for extra damage.

Duraludon Basic attacks Scaled with attack statistics, and each in third Attack will be reinforced , creating an attack with a long beam, which can attack several enemies into a row. Each strengthened attack also causes damage equal to three percent from the maximum HP enemy and can cause critical damage.

Initial movements of Duraludon

Two initial moves of Duraludon: Laser focus as well as Metal claw . Players will choose one of these moves to unlock it at the first level, and unlock the other at the third level.

Laser focus

Laser focus has nine seconds recharging and reduces the resulting damage to eight seconds. It also increases damage from basic attacks. The effect of the Buffa stops after putting the Pokemon of three basic attacks. An increase in damage is approximately 27 percent Duraludon attack plus 60.

Metal claw

Metal claw has a decently large range and will be to reduce the speed of movement Pokémon hips, which simplifies the persecution and clearing of murders. After using Metal Claw, Duraldon’s The next basic attack will always reinforced attack . The damage is approximately equal to 94 percent Attack Duraludon Plus 260.

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Improvement of the first move of Duraludon

Laser focus You can update in Fifth level either Light gun or Dragon Pulse . These moves are updated again in level to their positive forms.

Light gun

Light gun has six seconds of recharging and causes an initial explosion of damage in the field of action. After that, DURALUDON will go to gun mode for six seconds, increasing the range and damage of basic attacks.

Strengthened attacks will be slow down also for a short time opposed to Pokemones. Damage is equal to 52.5 percent Attack Duraludon Plus 60 for the first hit. Basic attacks in the cannon mode are equal to 105 percent Duraludon attacks plus 120 with an enhanced attack that is applied three percent from the maximum HP of Pokemon and may apply a critical damage.

At level 11, this technique is improved and will have an additional effect of stunning the enemy’s pokemon during the initial attack.

Dragon Pulse

Dragon Pulse A little more complicated Flash Cannon is that DuralUdon will start posting Tags on any opposing Pokemon, which he amazes. Duraludon gradually becomes slower, as it uses a dragon pulse and can charge move to increase the radius and total damage attack.

This attack inflicts Increased damage Any Pokemon for each tag that he has on it, and then removes the labels after. If Dragon Pulse knocks out the opposing Pokemon, its recovery time is reduced by 50 percent. In addition to reducing the recovery time, the following three autoatakes of Duraludon are applied Additional damage and Reduce the recovery time Dragon pulse for each hit.

An improved version of this attack restores Duraludon’s health when he knocks out an enemy player.

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Improving the second duraludon

Duraludon will replace its metal claw at the seventh level or on Dragon’s tail or Stels Rock . These techniques are improving again in 13 levels to their positive forms.

Tail of Dragon

The tail of the dragon has two charges, each with 12 seconds of recharging . This move will push the enemy’s pokemon, and Duraludon will move back. The move can not be spammed, because there is 1.1 seconds of recharging between charging.

This move can pass through the walls and obstacles and make transactions. 79 percent Duraludon attack plus 220 damage units. An improved version of this reception increases damage from each charge.

Stels Rock

Stealth Rock has 12 seconds of recharging and creates a field that does damage over time in a fixed area of ​​the effect wherever it landed. Enemies in this area have their own movement speed reduced And if you take four ticks damage, they become immobilized for a short time.

If the movement hits the opposing pokemon before it reaches the destination, it will create a field at the point shock point . After using this reception, the next duraludon base attack is a reinforced attack. Stealth Rock has two charges with 1.1 seconds of recharging between use. Tiki damage is applied 28 percent Attack Duraludon Plus 80. Superior version of this stroke increases the number of charges.

Duraludon combine movement

Rotary Ruin Unlocked in Ninth level and has 134 seconds Recharge . When using Duraludon uses a big beam to inflict damage to any opponent in a radius around him. This gives Duraludon shield and eight percent Buff attacks. This concerns 121 percent of Duraludon’s attacks plus 270.

After the beam is released, the area within the radius leaves behind the fire, having damage the enemies inside it. This reduces movement speed for a short time. Damage is equal 60.5 percent Attack Duraludon Plus 135.

Increased Duraludon Characteristics

In the fifth level Duraludon gets 10 percent of critical strike indicator and five percent Lifstil . The vampirism bonus applies only to basic and reinforced attacks.

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In seventh level Bonus Lifsteal increased to 10 percent .

In Ninth level The probability of a critical strike of Duraludon is increased to 20 percent A Bonus LifSteal is increased to 15 percent .

In 11 Bonus Lifsteal increased to 20 percent .

In 13 Lifsteal bonus increased to 25 percent .

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