Elden Ring: How to remove the racing flame

While advancing through the history of Elden Ring, they will finally find that they meet on quest straps that can influence the end. While I will not go to the essentials here when it comes to other spoilers, they are here because they started to rely on what is considered “bad end”. It is possible to be imprisoned with certain decisions in the bad end, but that can be reversed. How to remove the racing flame in Elden Ring.

How to remove the racing flame in Elden Ring

How to Subdue the Flame of Frenzy using Miquella's Needle | Elden Ring
As soon as you have reached the royal capital and go down the sewerage, it gets much more extensive than you thought. At this point, they also defeated Mohg, the Omen, would have fallen down a pretty difficult platform portion and encountered this evil door.

If you open it, you have bothered all your armor and have been obsessed by this evil hand that burned you and made it corrupted. If you have come far enough to defeat the final boss, you can make a choice at the Fractured Marika. If you do not want to become the lord of the raging flame, make a retractor.

Follow Millecents Quest Series to the end to remove this character. If you killed them at any point or made an important player to turn themselves against them, they need to pay for their transgressions in the church of the vows. This quest series starts in Caelid and finally leads them to Miquellas Haligtree, where they must fight against Malenia. It is considered one of the toughest bosses in the game, so be aware of this.

Hold out during the quest, if you finally get the unalloyed gold needle. After completing Millecents Quest and defeated Malenia, you must use this needle with the flowering flower of Malenias Arena. Your Miquella’s needle will receive.

Then brings this item to the crumbling Farum Azula, more precisely in the Boss Arena of Dragon Furst Placidusax. It will then scatter the racing flame that you have given you in the sewer of Leyndell.

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