Erlensee surprises

The fact that the SC Hesse Dreieich will leave the Hessigniga in favor of the new second team of Eintracht Frankfurt, is considered very likely. In a sporty one could get so slow to the knowledge, three area wants to leave the league up, towards Regionalliga. On Saturday, the Yalcin-Elf defeated the hot ascent candidate SG Baroque city Fulda Lehnerz 2: 1. In the first half hour, both teams neutralized at tactically high level, but scorchancies were in short supply. After all the fight, Streker delivered the first highlight in the 34th minute: after a corner ball he was served by the head of small and headed to the home lead. But already five minutes later it made the SGB similar, pecks served by head hype, which also met by head to compensation.

Twentyly, Fulda found in the 48th minute: On the one hand, there were penalty for Dreieich, on the other hand, Grötsch saw for meckern’s yellow-red. The penalty was a secure matter for wax. The game was now emotionally braying, referee Rühl had to send some yellow cards of gaps and even threesich’s wax in the 69th minute with yellow-red from the field. Hosainie in the SC-Hesse-Tor then drove with good parades the pressing baroque towns for despair, which had made the start to the promotion round certainly very different.

Also leader Eintracht Stadtallendorf had to do without points on points. The SC Waldgirmes threw a lot of fight and passion in the scales at his 2: 1 victory. The Eintracht increased in the second round, but there were still in many places. With an own goal Markovic launched the households in the 69th minute. Six minutes later, Hartmann increased by faulfämer to 2: 0. The connection hit of CECEN – also by a foul feet – in the fourth minute of the aftermath time came too late. His teammate Arifi was still yellow-red in the same minute because of complaining. The frustration was apparently deep.

New table second is the SV red-white Hadamar, who sent the FSV long-distance forest with 4: 0 home. Paradoxically, but long-term forest had the better chances in the first passage, but the only gate in the first game section achieved cook, which in the 29th minute against the FSV’ler Hendrich the ball fought and freely marked the lead on goalkeeper Sahin. Hofmann almost had the ideal answer in front of the break, but his spacer shot crashed to the post. Immediately after restart, Hadamar broke the opposing morality when Dillmann headed a corner to the net. This lead had long been because the offensive efforts of the guests lacked the necessary punch. Late the red-whites still screwed on the result, first Cook castle a solo run to the 3: 0 off (86.), then the core recovered a precise flank from Schäfer by head to 4: 0 final score (87.)

Dit is de mooiste surprise van Nederland - RTL NIEUWS
With only two points residue on relegation rush two keeps the surprise team 1. FC 06 Erlensee step. The null sexes have not been enough for a long time to feel the Tus Dietkirchen in 1911 on Saturday. Zimpel already marked the lead for the FCE in the 10th minute, which always combined well forward and also stood very well. In the 66th minute, Luedke took on 2: 0, but instead of contrary to the home-fucking, the fast connection through a steel spacer shot made of almost 25 meters again tension into the game. At least for a few minutes, marriage Kreinhohl made the old distance again (73.).

On Sunday, the fans of the FC Eddersheim were in vain to goals against the SV Neuhof (0: 0). While the FCE is nevertheless very close to the climbing sites, Neuhof already has a residue with eight points behind a residue.