Cyber Connect Two, 7 days of sales of “Battlefield” donated to “Child Support Group”. An attempt to do what you can do

Domestic game company Cyberconnect Two on March 14th, the company’s game software “Battlefield Fuga” has announced that the full amount of sales for the public corporation Save The Children Japan will donate. The period to be donated is from March 14 to March 20.

The “Fuga in the battlefield” is a dramatic simulation RPG with the “war × revenge × Kemono”. It is a work inheriting the world view of “Little Tail Bronks”, which is the stage of the floating continent living in Huhto Neko, such as “Tail Concerto” and “Solatorobo”. The corresponding platform is PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store). The main character of the story is 12 children who were robbed with family and hometown. They boarded to a huge fighting car Taranis who has the unknown power discovered in the contraindicated cave. To rescue a prisoner of war, swear revenge on the Bellman Imperial Army, a mighty invader.

What is interesting in this announcement is that you donate to Save The Children Japan. The group is officially approved by the United Nations, private international aid organizations for children. Activities also have children’s education and food assistance, as well as food assistance. Currently, Russia has been invading Ukraine, and a number of companies have expressed Ukrainian support. Save The Children Japan also underway “Ukrainian Crisis Emergency Children Support”.

In addition, in this donation, Cyber ​​Connect Two, Mr. Matsuyama, a representative director, is a comment that I seriously thought that we can do what we can do on the current world situation. He said he has decided to deliver sales of this work to the “children who suffer from war” with the message included in the work. It is an attempt to felt the sincere message “What can we do” of Mr. Matsuyama, including the point of fixed amount but 7 days of sales.

The “Fugue of the battlefield” is the first self-publishing work as a cyberconnect. It is the company who has continued to subcontract for a long time, but as in-house development and sales, “Fuga in the battlefield” has been sold, and the discretion is free, but it would have been able to donate such as this time.

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The “Fugue of the battlefield” is being sold at PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).