Nalance, Russia – Belarus Pokemon Go service suspension

Pokémon Go (Pokémon GO) developed a game that the developer network withdraws the game in Russia and the game expert was reported.

Niantic Has Suspended Pokemon GO in Russia & Belarus, But Is This Right? - Pokemon GO
Pokemon, Peak Malbloom, Ingring no longer be displayed for download in Russia and Belarus. In addition, the users of the country can not access the game.

“Through official Twitter,” we are with the world community that wishes to solve peace and rapid solve for the violence and pain of Ukraine, “” Niant games no longer downloaded from Russia and Belarus, I will stop soon. “

Ninnat joined Sony, Nintendo, and other game developers, such as Microsoft. Niant stopped selling in Russia in accordance with the request of Ukraine to sanctions Russia against Ukraine invasion.

Distributors such as Netflix, EA, Apple and CD projects have stopped working in the country.

Also, the Niant promised to support humanitarian support activities in Ukraine, just like other companies. I announced that I have raised $ 75,000 internally through the last 3-day employee donation matching.

An official said, “We donated $ 20,000 to the humanitarian organization that focused on supporting the people of Ukraine and refugees.”