The destruction of demigods in Elden Ring is far from easy, but players will be rewarded by Remembrace enemy. This is a key subject that players can use for the purchase of weapons of demigods, obtaining their weapons, as well as to study their unique skills. That * The memory of Hoara Lux * is one of these items that will give players special skills of the first Elden Lord.

Players can purchase the memory of Hoara Lux winning Godfrey, First Lord Elden . He is located at the Elden throne and will appear after the players burn Erdati. After receiving the memories, players can use the subject in the following ways:

  • Buy Ax Godfrey (20,000 RUN)
  • Purchase Ash of War: Earthshaker Joara Lux (15000 RUN)
  • Sell Memory for 30000 Rune

Visit Finger reader Enia in Round table To buy these items using Remembrance of the Hoarah Loux. Players can also duplicate the memory by visiting any of walking mausoleums which they did not use earlier.

You can also buy the following weapons in Finger Reader ENIA without using Remembrace Of The Hoarah Loux:

  • Corona Elden Lord (12000 RUN)
  • Bracers of Elden Lord (12000 RUN)
  • Elden Lord Grivz (12000 RUN)
  • Armor Elden Lord (20,000 RUN)

Elden Ring - Elden Lord Godfrey Boss Fight & Cutscenes (Hoarah Loux)

Anxpari ax – perfect weapons for players using strength and dexterity builds. Special weapon skill Royal roar allows players to increase attack strength, sending an unprotected shock wave. You can also perform a sharp blow with a strong attack.

Similarly, Ash of War: Earthshaker Hoarah Loux can be applied to any melee weapon. It gives weapons with closeness to heavy, and players can use it a special power to release several shock waves that remove the enemy from equilibrium.

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