Russian rumored legalization piracy in response to sanctions and boycott

Russia knows how to change his piracy to fight against widespread boycotts and sanctions.

Many of the big players in the game have reacted with their strikes at Putin’s troops attack in Ukraine. The sales of their games in Russia have abolished, among other things, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Microsoft and Electronic Arts. From outside the game industry, for example, Apple and Netflix have ceased their operations in the Russian region.

CGTN exclusive: Russian Foreign Ministry responds to sanctions against Russia
Russia is now being told against fighting sanctions. The City AM site reported that, according to the State-supported Rossijskaja Gazeta Message, the Russian Government has already changed some of the local IP legislation to skip the rights of Western patent holders. The report notes in Russia in practice by legalizing piracy by introducing new new laws under which companies can use the supply of so-called unfriendly countries for free.

New acts generally refer to the fact that Russian producers are able to produce certain goods that other Western companies generally provide. These laws could also be extended to non-licensing software.

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