Elden Ring: Activate large runes at the tower of Limgrave

In this Guide to Elden Ring you will learn:

  • How great runes enabled
  • Where the Holy Tower of Limgrave is
  • How to reach the bridge on the storm hill
  • How to kill the three giants

For the victory against large story bosses you will be rewarded in Elden Ring. In addition to strong items and weapons, these outbreaking so-called large runes fall. But what are you doing with these mighty items? We show you how your Godrick’s great rune activates in the Holy Tower of Limgrave.


Great Runes in Elden Ring: What is Godrick’s Great Rune?

Did you cross the castle storm veil and defeat Boss Godrick, you will receive Godrick’s Great Rune. The item is so useless, but in it, but a valuable force is slumbering: it increases all attributes . So that you can benefit from Godrick’s Great Rune, you have to activate you in the Holy Tower of Limgrave.

Where can I find the Holy Tower of Limgrave?

The Holy Tower of Limgrave stands at the end of the Turmbrücke of Limgrave east of Castle Storm Veil. The bridge is destroyed in some places and there is no other physical connection to the mainland. To achieve the Holy Tower of Limgrave, you have to find a portal.

How do I achieve the portal to the Holy Tower of Limgrave?

The portal is at the end of the first part of the Turmbrücke of Limgrave. You reach it over the courtyard of Castle Stormschleier . Access is a bit hidden and, above all, is easily overlooked when you enter the lock over the side entrance and leave after the fight with Godrick about whose room.

Theoretically, you can already hurry shortly after the victory over Elden-Ring Boss Margit, the cruel times (guide) to access the bridge, if you leave the main gate from the NPC in the adjoining room to the left. However, it brings you nothing without Godrick’s big rune and the effort is too high to return with empty hands. So absolutely quite first castle storm veil and kills the Boss Godrick, the transplanted (Guide).

How do I reach access to the Turmbrücke of Limgrave?

After the boss fight with Godrick there are several ways to reach access to the bridge. But you have to be the dangerous courtyard in any case. The easiest way leads through the main gate.

  • You have entered the castle storm veil over the Schleichweg, You must first open the main gate at the place of the grace “chamber on the door page”. Then you telepport to the place of grace “Storm Wolf main gate”.
  • If you enter the castle storm veil by the main gate, is the gate open and you can start the location of the grace right away. Run through the open gate and deviates the shot of the ballists. Make right and climbs the rocks next to the barricades.

Caution : You have to turn right the steps, where you attack from the right side of a mighty chimera . Summon Ghosts like the lonely wolves to keep the monster in chess and run through the gate. Follow the steps to the gigantic archway.

How do I defeat the three giants on the Turmbrücke of Limgrave?

Activates the place of grace, collects the Blitzdrachenalisman at the body and goes through the archway. After a few steps, three giants trees in front of you – two with huge double arms and one with a bow further back.

Trying the slow giant playing against each other and leads you close together. They meet with their mighty sliding mutually and also the projectiles from the background can damage them.

Crashes one of the giants, runs on him and puts him a critical hit in the bright belly . Your vulnerabilities are the feet. Tried to wound it there with heavy hits. It is too heavy against three giants at the same time, trying to lure one of them through the archway. There you can go to one-to-one then.

Elden Ring - How to Get to Divine Tower of Limgrave & Activate Godrick's Rune
If you have laid the two ax giants, you may glad over just under 1,000 runes per capita. The archer is not a big obstacle anymore. You just have to get along close to him and also attack his feet **. More than pounding he can not, if you stand in the toes. As a reward, there are a few big miles.

How do I activate big runes on the Holy Tower of Limgrave?

Before you use the portal at the end of the Turmbrücke of Limgrave, the scree is rising down and collects the War Straight Skarab . The headgear lowers the FP costs of talents, but easily increases the damage suffered. The portal brings you to Sturmhille to the end of the Turmbrücke of Limgrave. Enter the Holy Tower of Limgrave and drive up with the elevator.

Go to the center of the platform and interacts with the luminous object between the two big fingers. Here you can restore the power of a large Rune immediately . You will receive the benefits of Godrick’s Great Rune and the Elden Ring Trophy (Guide) “Great Rune”. You can now equip big runes on every place of grace. With the loading of the video you accept the privacy policy of YouTube. Learn more Load video YouTube always unlock Other guides to Elden Ring on Limgrave: * Elden Ring: How to get in the converted tower * Elden Ring: The tree guard – so you defeat the boss * Elden Ring Koop: That’s how you can gamble together * Elden Ring: Find magic & learning – so your magic is setting visits us Facebook and Instagram and discuss with us about your favorite games.