Dying Light 2-patch Fix StoryQuests, Koop and much more now on PS & Xbox

Techland was diligent and has dying light 2: Stay Human with new patches. The full-handling of fixes does not only affect technical improvements, but also refers to more obvious things like faulty story quests and co-op problems.

When is the update ready for download? From now on you can load the patch on your console. While it is on the PS4 by version 1.07 and on the PS5 by 1,007,000, it goes on the Xbox around the patch

How big is the Dying Light 2 Patch? Techland has not given the patch notes no size, but the update is around 4.2 GB on the PS5.

The most important improvements

One of the most important fixes concerns the deatloop bug. After players had problems with them that they immediately died after loading a game, whereupon the Savegame was reloaded, which led to death again and so on, all known deatloope cases should now be resolved.

Likewise annoying were defective quests that could not be terminated. That should now belong to the past, as well as numerous co-op problems. These include, for example, performance breakdowns, accepting co-op invitations and crashes.

How the co-op works, you read here:

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Dying Light 2

How to work Koop mode and CrossSplay


There is now a difference also newly added scenes in the outro, adapted opponent behavior and heavier step 4 persecution hunts.

And still for Xbox players * inside interesting: In addition to improved stability, a balanced mode with 60 fps was added on the Xbox Series X. Among other things, Performance mode has been added to the Xbox Series S.

The complete patch notes for PS4, PS5 and Xbox

Only Xbox

  • Improved game stability
  • A new balance mode has been added that runs with 60 fps on the Xbox Series X.
  • New game modes for the Xbox Series S, including performance mode running at 60 FPS.

The following patch notes affect both the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S:

Story course

  • All known cases with “Deathloops” were eliminated.
  • Fixed blockades in several quests – Into The Dark, Assassination, Sophie in The Raid Quest, Hubert in The Only Way Out, Veronika, Nightrunners, The Lost Light, Double Time.
  • Fixed problems with Safe Zones (clock in the game stops, you can not sleep).

Koop mode

  • Fixed stability problems: crashes or black screens in certain situations
  • Numerous story progress blocks fixed
  • Fixed problems when accepting invitations
  • Fixed problems with challenges: no weapon with full inventory, difficulty improves, tool requirements handled correctly
  • Remedy of the spawn of Koop parties at distant places
  • Improved / resolved replication of activities in the open world of the city: windmills, hanging cages, prey chests, NPC rescue problems
  • Fix the problem that opponents and players fall through the ground in certain situations
  • Fixed several pieces of performance

Nightrunner tools

  • Paragliding and enterhook upgrades can be used correctly by players that you have received in cooperative meetings.


  • The behavior of the bites by day has been improved. The enemy clings more frequently to the players, which makes the opponent matches varied.
  • The performance of blunt weapons has been improved to reflect the feeling of weight.
  • Improved opponents’ response depending on the type of weapon – to better reflect the weight of the weapon.
  • Human opponents can now block the attacks of the players during the reaction time on light hits.
  • The reaction to light hits in human opponents was shortened.

New Ragdoll behavior

  • More frequent ragdolls at opponents.
  • Ragdoll works more natural.
  • Ragdoll behaves different depending on the weapon type used.
  • Adequate forces are applied from the height and impact on different parts of the body when the force is maintained, with the force being maintained from the direction of the stroke.
  • When a Ragdoll collides with her environment, depending on the surface, which the body falls, the corresponding sound and the corresponding effects are playing.
  • Improved detection of spines. The enemy is now looking for a hit always on the spikes. In addition, the audio feedback of the spines has been improved and new effects are added (which are displayed on the basis of the physical swing of the body).

Night improvements and balance

  • The range of the senses of howler was increased.
  • The resistance of the howler against ranged weapons was increased.
  • The chase is triggered when a howler is hit by a ranged weapon and is still alive.
  • More volatile come out of their hiding faster during the persecution.
  • Level 4 The chase is now harder.


  • Survival wind now works correctly and can be triggered without cooldown after being hit or has executed certain parkour actions.
  • Improvements to the information architecture of the option menu, including a special accessibility tab.
  • A function has been added, with which the player’s life bars, the item selection and the daytime display can be hidden or dynamically displayed.
  • The dynamic setting for the player’s health bar is the new default setting and disappears the bar if the player has 100% health.
  • The dynamic setting for the item selection is the new default setting. The item selection will be visible if you are in combat and if you perform combat actions or uses the D-PAD.
  • The dynamic setting for the daytime display is the new default setting. The daytime display will be visible during the day night transition times.
  • All widgets that are hidden or dynamically adjusted will be visible in the extended HUD.
  • Visual improvements to the HP and endurance strips of the players. These elements are brighter and their colors are neutral.
  • Visual improvements to the enemies’ stand indicator to make your connection to blunt weapons to indicate more clearly.

Endboss fight

  • It has been fixed a problem in which the opponent does not respond correctly to other players and does not change his behavior, which could lead to several glitches during the co-op.
  • Alternating opponent behavior in Phase 2 during the co-op game.
  • The opponent leaves flare attacks during co-op sessions.
  • Shortening of the narrative scenes between the phases of a boss fight.
  • Improvements at the pace of the boss fight.


  • Improvements to the final sequences of the game. Additional scenes were added at the end of the game to better match Gameplay and Outro scenes.
  • Balance improvements
  • Higher ranking arches are now more accessible from dealers and in the world.
  • Banshees and Charger are now easier to identify in the nocturnal infected horders.


Technical improvements

  • Improvements in outdoor lighting.
  • Improvements of the sunshade.
  • Improvements in the shadows of headlamps.
  • Improvements to the motion blur – intensity and removal of blur can now be adapted.

Brutality Pack

  • Player hits with sharp weapons are more precise and enable the player to separate body parts of opponents and they are easier to halve (vertically and horizontal).
  • Revised audio for the reaction to opposing hits – depending on the strength of the hit and the damage the player causes, different sounds are played.
  • Show blood spatter on the ground when the player meets the opponent.
  • If the player is near the opponent during attacks, the blood of the opponent squirts on the screen.
  • Improved blood effects on opposing bodies after hits.
  • A dead opponent is now interactive and responds exactly for blows and injuries.
  • A new effect of blood stains on the bodies of the opponent after a hit.
  • New blood FXs were added.

In addition, there should still be “numerous other bug fixes and quality improvements”, but the Techland does not affect.

If you want to stay up to date next to patches at Dying Light 2, we recommend our roadmap overview. There you will learn everything about DLCs, free content and what else is expected to us in the game in the next few years.