Action Square, Career and New Temple recruitment

Action Square (representative Kim Yeon-joon) announced on the first half of the year (11th) that he conducted a recruitment of career and new employees.

Action Square said it has been working on each sector from March 11 to the deadline. The recruitment sector is scheduled to employ a career and new employees across the field of game development due to planning, PM, art, programmer, and web design sector.

Action Square has recently established a stable management environment with large-scale funds, and plans to establish a stable development environment and provide the highest wage level and the highest welfare of industry upper rights for developers. It also utilizes secured funds to enhance blockchain based P2E games and metaverse business.

TNHRCE Department Recruitment 2022 Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple Recruitment Notification2022

The representative welfare system supports the first Friday early onset, an action-day, 1200,000 yen, which is provided at 1200,000 won, and the refresh vacation and holiday costs available every three years. In addition, we provide a variety of welfare for employees, including health checkups and group damage insurance, loan and support, and lunch for lunch for a total of 500,000 talented subsidiaries, and a total of 500 million people who are able to benefit from a spouse. In addition, an optional working time for efficient work, provides unlimited snacks.

The Direction of Action Square Gosun Jose Development Direction, said, “We have been working for the highest level of treatment to make developers focus only on game development,” Action Square Governor’s director of the Developer Square. “I said,” he said.

Meanwhile, Action Square has released a global multi-platform shooting action game ‘Anville’ on December 2 last year, and is preparing for a year-end formal launch. The representative game ‘Three Kingdoms Blaide’ is also going to advance to the development of zombie action games that utilize the global entry and Netflix original series ‘Kingdom’ IP. In addition, it is a plan to launch a new Mobile Games ‘Blade: Re.Action (Blade: Reaction)’ to the global market in addition to a block chain based on ‘Blade’ IP (intellectual property rights).