Ubisoft opens records to play Skull & Bones early

Hewhoses of the skull, _ the besieged Ubisoft navigation game that has been delayed more than once and rarely has been said about delays, will soon be playable for those who want to try an early version of the game. Ubisoft announced the test initiative this week and said that those who are interested now can enroll in the Insider program of the company through which people will be selected. _Hekens of the skull and offer your comments. It was not said when this test would happen, nor did it happen exactly how many people would be accepted in the preview, but it is supposed to be a “relatively small” group that will be admitted.

So I played Skull & Bones...

The Ubisoft ad of the skull Hewings Insider program tests were shared on social networks, as well as an entry in the blog at the game site. For the uninitiated, the Insider program is exactly what it seems: you register, you expect you to admit and you can try things before planning. For this case, that means playing huesa of the skull early.

“The Insider program is an ongoing live test initiative for which we are inviting players carefully selected to play an early version of our game in real conditions rather than anyone,” Ubisoft said. «That is, for the first time, the members of our Insider program can play Hewhoses of the skull and take a look at the work that our development team has been between racks».

Naturally, the admitted ones will be asked to provide comments along with the “real data” obtained from what happens during the tests. There will be official channels integrated into the Insider program to allow people to do it, but it does not seem that social networks are one of the options. Ubisoft said that those who want to participate must accept “strict compliance with a confidentiality agreement, as well as our Ubisoft Code of Conduct,” which surely makes it look like you will not be able to speak freely about your own skull. Social after playing.

While we do not know when this will happen, we know that Ubisoft is looking for people with a “great interest in the development of games, with a long time to dedicate it to try and report problems, mistakes or simply general comments.”

If you want to postulate to play potentially hose of skull you can do it through the link embedded above.