Elden Ring: All previously known illusion walls at a glance

If you have started after the positive reviews of the trade press and our test of your adventure in Elden Ring, and thanks to our entry-level tips also successfully rides through the intermediate country, then you may be stumbled over one or two illusion walls .

The suspicious walls have been in the from Software games and often hide valuable secrets and treasures. To unmask such an illusion wall, you just have to stand in front of her and you miss a hosted blow with your weapon, the barrier dissolves in air and releases the way.

Where do the illusion walls hide in Elden Ring?

From software has remained faithful and has also built in Elden Ring (now / 50.99 €) a series of illusion walls installed, which is definitely worth knowing their localities . Because not always shows the game obviously whether her stands before such a barrier or not. The only solution is to hide on all walls in the game that occur suspicious.

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The alternative: Our list of all known illusion walls in Elden Ring. You do not miss any of the tricky stone or wood barriers and can grab the treasures behind it. An indication of this: Unfortunately, our list does not include every single illusion wall of Elden Ring, because simply not all were found at this time. A look is worth it anyway!

Locations of all known illusion walls

In the Crystal Cave of the Academy : In the cave you will find a room with a magician, which has a whole lot and guarded another room after you ranged through a wooden door. The illusion wall is on the left side of the entrance of the room guarded by the magician.

In the Academy of Raya Lucaria are equal to three illusion walls: the first is right right after you enter the church of the cuckoo. The second is located directly after the place of grace “Schoolhouse Classroom” on the left, in the room with the book shelves. The book rack, behind which the wall is located, has no books. The third illusion wall is also a bookshelf without books. If you return from the place of grace, where you fought against the Red Wolf of Radagon, it is right near the stairs.

In Altus Tunnel : Let the place of grace behind you and follow the left gear down the stairs. At the end of the gang is a room with two bells, which are on a podium. The stairs go up to them, the wall behind the two is then the illusion wall.

In the catacombs of the black blade : If you get up with the huge drop-facing knives, the illusion wall is at the end of the gang. Behind it hides an optional boss.

In the royal ruins : At the street to the house Caria is a great illusion wall, which blocks the way to the house Caria and to Blacksmaster IJI. In addition, there is another illusion wall in the ruins, which hides the stairs to a secret cellar.

The catacombs at the end of the road are also full of illusion walls: the first two are located on the level below the switch, the next two one floor further below. Here you are best on every suspicious-looking wall.

Near the Fortress Faroth in Caelid: Here you have to find a group of tombstones. The rock wall behind it reveals to a hidden beat of Sellias hide.

The sealed tunnel in front of the walls of the royal capital Leyndell : Here you bumpered on several alleged dead ends, behind which always hides another way, if you let the appropriate illusion wall disappear through a hosted blow.

The last illusion walls of our list are hiding in the house Volcano: After you’ve opened with the key the first character space to the right in the corridor, located on the right side of the room a series of illusion walls. We wish you much success and fun on your scavenger hunt!

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