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LOL: Riot aims to revolutionize the ReWorks with a project that will be presented in the coming months

Riot Games is one of those companies that always try to go to more in the process of making new ways of interacting with your community and making changes or added to your games in an original way. A very clear case is that of seraphine , which was presented through a Twitter profile that, although it was a bit controversial by some of his messages about mental health, was a huge success and caused them to be added New ways of communicating the arrival of a new champion to the invoker crack.

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_ REWORKS _ are something that is also taken into account within League of Legends through different events within the game as the case of Volibear and the destruction that created within the abyss of laments. And even with the arrival of fiddlesticks were created new dialog lines that would make sense with the arrival of arcane to Netflix year and a half later.

Well, apparently the US company would be preparing a new way of performing changes to the champions never seen in the Moba . This has been done to know Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, one of the thoughtful heads with August regarding the creation and design of the champions that have been arriving at League of Legends over the past few years and that You have commented on Reddit this change:

Apparently, it will be a new way to update characters that have been left behind but without being a complete _rework, but changes that will update it to the current goal of League of Legends. It will be necessary to see how this new formula works, but coming from Riot Games we are sure that will be broken and very discussed ** (for good and bad) throughout the community in different social networks. For now we will have to settle for this information until the next month, which will be when we can see more information about the road that Riot will take in its Moba.