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In Koromon there are coaching battles?

Coromon is a role-playing game from TRAGSOFT dedicated to the taming of monsters. You will travel around his world and collect Coromon in your journey. This is mainly done by meeting with wild koromon, but you may be interested, can you fight with other coaches in Koromon.

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Answer Da- There are coaching battles in Koromon . Coaching battles are a good way to make money in a koromon, as well as test your skills on the battlefield. Unlike collisions with wild koromons, coaches can use several koromons in battle. This means that you will need to use the strategy and the correct Coromon.

There is also Arena in the Campus Lux Solis , the first city in which you fall in the game. This allows you to fight with other coaches and check your skills. Faced with another coach in battle, make sure that your koromon is in the order in which you want, and be prepared for battle.

Use the skills and strategy that you will study, fighting with wild bargains against trainers. Your coromon will be checked against strong trainers as you promotion, so make sure you train them right!

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