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Where to find Thors hammer in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 The season 4 begins this Thursday, August 27, but we already see new things happening while we are getting closer to the marvel theme at the heart of the next big change in Fortnite.

You can already find Thor’s Hammer in the game. It is located south of Salty Springs and is located in the center of a huge crater. If you’re wondering how Thor’s Hammer has arrived there, you should read the comic book now on the Battle Pass screen, placed on the barrel right.

How to GET Thor's Hammer AKA Mjolnir Pickaxe in Fortnite Season 4

Thor and Galactus both felt the presence of the planet, and Thor came to warn us of the imminent attack of Galactus. He meets some of the actors of Fortis, who being true players of Royal Battle decided to throw himself with the god of thunder.

While Thor is preparing to fight with them, he seems to forget who he is and why he is there. He throws his hammer, who crashes on the earth, causing the crater. As you can imagine, the hammer seems to be completely immunized against all the damage, and if you try to harvest it, your harvesting tool will bounce over, without effect.

There is in fact nothing that you can do on the site for the moment, but you can go a look and organize more than probably a dance party with all the others who verify this last change of the card of Fortnite.