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Russian sanctions are spreading in the global game industry.

Russian sanctions due to Russian Ukrainian invasion after February 24, Russia’s sanctions are increasing in the global gaming industry. A large-scale game company said that it would not sell its games and services to Russia, and support for Ukraine.

First of all, a major game company declared that he would not sell its games in Russia. Microsoft announced that it does not sell its new products and services, including Xbox and games, including Xbox and games, according to government sanctions for Russia. In addition, we have worked closely with the International Red Cross Commission (ICRC) and the UN agencies, and provide technological and financial support to Ukraine refugees. EA also said on the 4th (local standard) official website, we stopped selling its games and content to Russia and Belarus, and will solanize with Ukrainian people.

Activision Bleeds and Epic Games also stopped game sales in Russia. First, the Activision Blizzard said, through the official statement of the 4th (local standard), he said that it stopped selling new games in Russia and raising more than $ 300,000 to support Ukrainian people. In addition, I added that I am committed to helping employees who are in direct damage to invasion and their families. Epic Games said on June 6, he said it stopped trading with Russia for its games through its official Twitter. However, he said he did not block game access for free communication.

The CD project in Poland in Russia and the Marina said that the CD project is in Russia and Belarus, as well as its own game platform GOG services. Prior to, the CD project donated $ 1 million Zwati (about 300 million won) on the Polish Indian behavioral group for Ukrainian refugees. In addition, there is a more medium, and the Blover team, which is famous for a horror game developer, said that a number of games such as the Blover team will not sell its games to Russia.

In addition, the Russian regional credit card payment was stopped in the Nintendo Nintendo E Shop, which temporarily suspended the ruble payment of Russian currency in Nintendo E Shop, It is a state. Amazon Games said he stopped making the Russian version of its MMORPG New World in response to Ukrainian invasion.

In addition, on the last 5 days, Visa and MasterCard said it stopped its credit card sales in Russia. It is impossible to use the card issued in Russia as well as abroad but also to write the card issued overseas in Russia. In addition, he said that PayPal is not to provide Russian services in response to invasion of Ukraine. As with other products, the game is also a high dependence on credit cards and online payment methods, especially because of the highest digital version, it is more difficult to purchase games in Russia.

On the 2nd, Ukraine Mihail, President Fedo Lover, asked to join Russia and Belarus sanctions on the world’s games and e-sportsmakers. Specifically, Russia and Belarus account blocking, the International E-Sports Competition, and the International Events in Russia and Belarus, and the International Events, which are held in Russia and Belarus. The Russian sanctions of the government are enhanced in these requests, and the global game company seems to fit their feet.

Here, the intention to reduce damages as the ruble value drops. For example, a punch Face Gary Newman founder developed Gary Mode and Rust is an American game expertise to avail to rubles through an interview with a US game specialist PC Gamer (PCGamer), He said he raised the Russian prices of two games. In addition, he added that he will donate $ 500,000 (about 600 million won) on Ukrainian refugee support.

Meanwhile, we are also supporting Ukraine. The Poland Games 11-bit Studio, who all the reverse messages, who all the time to the game, said that the 11-bit Studio has donated the full amount of the Dianchole of the Mine sales of its representative distress Mine sales for a week until the last four days. Through this, I gathered $ 850,000 (about W43 million in Hanwha), and I noticed that Relief goods arrived on the last 4 days Ukraine. The production team has gratified gamers to support the support of gamers.

Situated in the Czech Republic, the Bohemia Interactive Soldier International (ARMA) 3 charity bundle for two weeks (local criteria) and donated the total amount of sales to charity, including the Red Cross. Bundles include DLC ‘Row of War’, which contains the contents of the game head and the International Humanitarian Law, the International Humanitarian Law, the purpose of protecting the war victims.

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Pokemon Co., Ltd. also donated $ 200,000 (GLOBALCIVING) $ 200,000 (GLOBALCIVING) to the GlobalCiving, Donation of 1 million euros (about 1.3 billion won), and a charity campaign capable of participating in gamers to further raise a 1 million euros.

Riot Games said that the Legend of Legendary, Strategic Team Battle, League of Legend: Wild Lift Battle Pass and League of Legend Bee Skin Skin Ov League of Legend Bee Skin Skin Ov League of Legend Bee Battle Pass and League of Legend Bee Skin In addition, I added that I donated a total of $ 1 million (1 million won) on the International Medical Corps, the National Medical Corps, the National Corps, and the Polish Red Cross.

Game Engine Developer Unity also donated $ 620,000 to $ 623,000 (about 76.64 million won) in four international charity groups, and the Ukrainian Mega Bundle ‘donates the full amount of revenue through the Unity Asset Store. In addition, the asset sales revenue sold by Ukrainian distributors is also donated to relief activities. Then, Remyes made of controls, Alan Wake, which also donates 50,000 euros (Hanwha) to the Red Cross (Hanwha) to help those who have had difficulty in war, and three achievements were donated in the last 5 days to support Ukrainian refugees I said that I raised my donation.