“Not Earned”: EU only conditionally defensive against Putins Internet

The Russian aggressor Vladimir Putin is due to the shattering images of the criminal criminal crisis in the second largest country in Europe and the desperate hospelding of his Ukrainian victims in the outposted world lives. However, it has long been successfully successfully on the rise in the secretive propaganda radio with targeted disorganization and uncertainty on the Internet and elsewhere.

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So far, the Europeans have little to oppose the Kremlin ruler in this regard. That should change.

Numerous vulnerabilities, low hazard consciousness

A special committee of the European Parliament examined for one and a half years, which of the Kremlin’s descriptive weapons in the months before the Ukraine war brought to the free part of Europe. The EU parliamentarians found numerous vulnerabilities until the EU apparatus itself, which enabled the injection of propaganda and sowing societal disadvantage.

Another conclusion of the committee report, about whose warnings and demands the European Parliament in the next week is voting: In the European democracies there is a very low-pronounced appropriate hazard awareness and therefore numerous defensive gaps. Also in this field, according to the recommendation of the experts, is necessarily required.

Awakening of Sleeping Beauty Sleep in Putin’s World from Lies

“We have been aroused a bit out of the Sleeping Beauty Sleep through what happened in Ukraine now,” says the CDU-MEP Sabine Verheyen, Member of the 2020 “Special Committee on influence from abroad on all democratic processes in the EU” who now submits his final report. The already long-to-watch lying attacks would “currently referred to as a new kind of warfare and also felt”.

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According to the propaganda advance, Verheyen has “extreme sophistication and countless forms”. During the Corona crisis, the Kremlin in Internet forums with the help of his troll factories, for example, deliberately doubted doubts on the kindness of Western vaccines. Added to this is the targeted speech of a clientele with misinformation, “which felt very unsettled because of Covid restrictions”.

“Countryman Policy” of the Kremlin aims for Russian minorities in the EU

In addition, an instrumentation of Russian minorities in the EU can be recognized, complains Verrheeyen. In addition, in the draft report of the committee, in the context of its so-called “compatriot policy”, the Kremlin, in particular in the Baltic States and Eastern EU countries, tries to acquire Russian-borrower for his concept of a “Russian world” and to split the societies there.

In addition to proven hidden interference in other western democracies, for example in elections and referendums (USA, Brexit) as well as financial support for antiuropean forces (expressly mentioned, the German AFD, the reports “in close contact with the Kremlin” is also in close contact with the Kremlin ” ) Moscow maintains a complete “disinformation ecosystem”, the report states. This includes “culture, including popular music, audiovisual content and literature”. The Russian government also serves the influence of the Orthodox Church.

Western Democracies for Fake News from Putin’s Kremlin “Not Earned”

“The Brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine has once again shown that modern wars are not only led by tanks, but also with disinformation,” judges the green MEP Viola by Cramon, in its group for the committee report. But it is not sufficiently aware of the Western public, as deep this false information from the Kremlin more seizures.