They demand Activision

It seems that no matter what they do, Activision Blizzard continues to find a way to get involved in all kinds of controversies. On this occasion, the company responsible for overwatch, Diablo, Call of Duty, and other franchises, is being sued due to culpable homicide after one of its expepleases will take away your life.

According to information about * The Washington Post, Kerri Moynihan, a 32-year-old financial manager who worked for Activision Blizzard, was found lifeless in 2017 during one of the company’s retreats. Apparently, moynihan committed suicide due to all the harassment she suffered while she worked and the executives of Activision Blizzard ** wanted to hide this information.

The relatives of Moynihan are claiming Activision Blizzard for the amount of $ 69 billion due to guilty homicide, besides, agreement with them, the company obstructed the official investigation of Kerri Since one of the supervisors of Activision lied to the detectives about the kind of relationship that he maintained with the victim, besides that, after his death, Activision did not want to provide the computer that KERRI used to work.

The Anaheim Police Department concluded that Kerri had taken out life after having hanged with a rope in your room within the Disney Grand Californian Hotel & Spa de Disney, * * Same place where you were also staying GREG Retite , the supervisor of Kerri who lied to the authorities. According to his profile of LinkedIn, restito renounced himself a month after the suicide of Kerri, ** something that raised many more suspicions.

According to the parents of KERRI , Activision did not cooperate with the authorities during the investigation, and they did not want to give access to the computer or the cell phone it used in the office. Apparently, all the information of these devices “had already been eliminated” to adhere to the company’s policies.

A spokesman of Activision Blizzard refused to give information related to any of the accusations of demand, and instead, declared the following.

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“We feel tragically devastated by the unfortunate death of Miss Moynihan, who was a valuable member of the company. We will be dealing with the situation via the appropriate legal processes, and out of respect for the family, at the moment we do not have additional comments. “

Because this demand was barely presented before the Superior Court of Los Angeles , a very good time will be missing for a solution to be found.