Electronic Arts Ends Sales in Russia and Belarus

Electronic Arts will stop selling its games and other content in Russia and Belarus, the publisher announced this week, after condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. An announcement on the decision said that Electronic Arts is symponous with the people of Ukraine and is working to understand how it can help people in that region, including their colleagues and partners. In addition to ending sales in Russia and Belarus, Electronic Arts also said that it is analyzing the changes that will be made in their EA SPORTS securities, including FIFA and NHL series, as well as other games.

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The publication shared at the EA site on Friday began by saying that the editor was “shocked” by the conflict that afflicts Ukraine with a call to peace and the end of the invasion. After reiterating the plans to help the needy, EA said it will no longer sell games in Russia and Belarus. That decision also extends to things like the virtual currency.

“We have made the decision to stop the sales of our games and content, including virtual currency packages, in Russia and Belarus while continuing this conflict.” He said. «As a result, our games and content will no longer be available for your purchase in our store in the Russian region in Origin or the EA application, even through the game stores. We are also working with our platform partners to eliminate our titles from your stores. and stop the sale of new content in the game in the region ».

Recently, it was announced that EA Sports would eliminate the national team of Russia and Russian clubs from fifa22. With that happening the FIFA game and similar actions planned for the editor NHL series, EA said it will look for other actions that can be considered necessary.

“As this deeply worrying situation evolves, we are continuously reviewing the steps we can take,” EA continued. “In addition to the changes in our EA SPORTS FIFA and NHL games, we are actively evaluating other areas of our Games and Operations, and will be updated with any other action».

This decision follows the advertisement of CD Projekt that it would also suspend the sales of its games in Russia and Belarus, including sales within the company’s GOG market. Ukraine has been pressing the main games companies this week to take similar action and end their sales in those regions.