When will Cosmonious High come out?

Cosmonious High is the next game from the Owlchemy Labs, the developers team of the popular VR project Job Simulator. This new VR game seems to bring the same creative approach and humor that was present in previous developer games. If you are looking forward to Cosmonious High, you need to know the release date.

Cosmonious High will be released 31 March 2022 for Meta Quest 2 as well as Steam virtual reality . This means that you can experience an alien high school and a memorable style of Owlchemy Labs soon.

You will find that we meet the colorful composition of aliens trying to define and solve the source of faults in school. The whole school is available for studying and interaction in various ways. There are many halls, including a large hall, cheeseffy, visualist and much more!

If you like the Job Simulator, then most likely you will spend time with Cosmonious High when it comes to March 31, 2022. But, while you are waiting, Look at the laboratory trailer of the Sovimii Youtube Channel !

Cosmonious High Gameplay And Release Date Trailer
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