Kim Jung-joo, Nexon, Rehabilitation hospital, small bookstore

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-soo] Kim Jung-joo Nexon Founded to be achieved children. Since the 2000s, Nexon has visited the Pediatric Ward and established the Nexon small bookstore, and the disabled to support children’s rehabilitation hospitals, which is a child rehabilitation hospital, which is the “sincerity” for Kim Jung-ju.

Nexon looks at W20bn in the 2014 ‘Puhermuts Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital’. Since then on April 28, 2016, the Purm Jae-jang Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, who opened in Mapo-gu, Seoul, will have a “disability” disorder ” Children are providing rehabilitation services.

Nexon has also supported a total of 1920 million won until last year to help the rehabilitation treatment of children’s rehabilitation treatment and stable hospitals, and supported a total of 1920 million won, there is.

Nexon has agreed to build a fund donation of 100 billion won for the construction of the Public Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, which is a public children’s rehabilitation hospital, a public children’s rehabilitation hospital, and children in the area outside the metropolitan area have also been to the environmental composition that can receive rehabilitation treatment. The Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, who is promoting on the Western District of Daejeon Metropolitan City, aimed at completion in 2022,

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Nexon has agreed to build a $ 10 billion donation in the Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, ‘Changwon Gyeongsang National University Hospital. The Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, which will operate in Changwon Gyeongsang National University Hospital, is aimed at completion of 2024, as aimed at the completion of Changwon City, Changwon City, Seongsan-gu, and is expected to be a rehabilitation base for children of 13,000 long and long-term disabilities.

Standalone Children’s Hearing Medical Center ‘Seoul National University Hospital Nexon Children’s Halfu Medical Center (Tentative)’ This hospital will provide a comprehensive medical welfare through a short-term patient consignment service for pediatric severe disorder and family members that require continuous care.

Nexon is also a ‘Nexon’s bookstore’ business that allows children to have dreams and hopes through books. Nexon small bookstores have developed into a business that makes a cozy bookstore in 2005 as a social contribution activities that provide reading environment and reading, and social contribution activities that provide reading environment and reading activities in 2005.

The number of Nexon small bookstores that have been created so far is 130, and the number of children using this place is about 83,000 people. Nexon’s donated books exceeded 128,000. There is a suburbs of the metropolitan area (44), Gangwon Province (10 places), Chungcheongdo (16), Gyeongsang (16), Jeolla Province (23), and Jeju (13).

Lee Jeong-hyun said, “The president Kim Jung-joo was curious in various fields, and if you are looking for a variety of areas, you have been in a pure passion for a pure passion,” So you like to be a pure passion, “he said. I hope that I did not hurt and I was sincere to experienced a happy time and memories, and I was sincere to grow healthy. “