Pokemon Go – Welcome to Alola: Collection Challenge, Research and New Pokemon in the game

The event Welcome to Alola at Pokémon Go marks the arrival of Gen 7 to the game of Niantic.

During this event, new Pokémon will arrive that will be available in the wild, including Starters Rowlet, Popplio and Litten . In addition, we will have a collection challenge focused on Alala Pokémon.

You can also pick up a series of welcome field research to Alola rotating Poképaradas, which will allow you to capture more Pokémon.

On this page you will find:

  • ‘Welcome to Alola’ – Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go
  • Welcome to Alola – Field Research Tasks in Pokémon Go
  • Welcome to Alola – Bonus and Pokémon that appear in the wild state in Pokémon Go
  • Welcome to Alola – Dates and Schedule

‘Welcome to Alola’ – Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

During the welcome event to Alola, which will be active between March 1 and 9, a collection challenge focused on the new Alola Pokémon will be held.

These are the Pokémon you must capture to complete the capture challenge Welcome to Alola:

  • Rowlet (appears in the wild)
  • Litten (appears in the wild)
  • Poplio (appears in the wild)
  • Pikipek (appears in the wild state and field investigations)
  • Yungoos (appears in the wild state and field investigations)
  • Gumshoos (evolution of Yungoos)

Rewards : 7,000 px, 15 Ultra Balls and reward to be determined.

Welcome to Alola – Field research tasks in Pokémon Go

You can pick up exclusive field research from the Welcome to Alola in Pokémon Go turning Poképaradas or gyms. These tasks can be completed at any time once you are on your list.

We already know the Pokémon that will appear as a reward in the welcome field research tasks to Alola in Pokémon Go:

  • _ Unknown challenge _ : Reward – Meeting with Pikipek
  • _ Unknown challenge _ : reward – encounter with Yungoos (possibility of variocolor)

Welcome to Alola – Bonus and Pokémon that appear in the wild in Pokémon Go

Welcome To Alola New Collection Challenge Pokemon Go | Season Of Alola Pokemon Go Event Research

The Event Welcome to Alola marks the arrival of the seventh generation to Pokémon Go, from which we had only been seen by the regional forms until now.

Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, the three Starters of Alala (Pokémon Sol and Luna) will reach the game alongside their evolutions. Rowlet evolves in Dartrix and decayey, Litten evolves in Torracat and Incinera, Popplio evolves in Brionne and Primarina.

They also join Pikipek (evolve in Trumbaak and Toucannon) and Yungoos (evolve in Gumshoos), in addition to the legendary Pokémon Tapu Koko in 5 star incursions.

Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

These are all the Pokémon that will appear more often in the wild (the asterisks indicate Variocolor Possibility):

  • Rowlet
  • Poplyte.
  • Pikipek.
  • Yungoos *

In addition, there are also changes to the Pokémon that will appear in incursions (the asterisks indicate Shiny possibility):

1 star raids | 3 stars | 5 stars | Megainters | Bellsprout * | Raichu de Alala | Tapu Koko | Mega venasaur *

Snubbull * | Nidoqueen | – | –
Phanpy * | Wigglytuff | – | –
Electrike * | Alola Graveler | – | –
Rockruff * | – | – | –

Welcome to Alola – Dates and Schedule

The welcome event to Alola is celebrated from Tuesday, March 1 at 10:00 (local time) until Wednesday, March 9 at 20:00 (local time) .

As in previous collection challenges, you will need to obtain all the Pokémon from a list, whether capturing them in the wild or through other methods such as completing field research or winning incursions. After completing the collection challenge, it will be added to your elite collector medal and you will receive your rewards.

Collection challenges can be found in the ‘Today’ section that you can access by pressing the field investigations button (small binoculars below on the right) and moving to the screen on the left.

After accessing ‘today’ you will see a list of all the Pokémon that you have to capture to complete the collection challenge. Capturing a Pokémon in the collection challenge will make a completed brand appear on the list, so you can easily see which are missing.

The Pokémon that Captures will receive a brand as it completes the collection challenge.

Enjoy the welcome event to Alola!