Lost Ark is too easy? HAHA! To crisp endgame

If you beat yourself by the level phase of Lost Ark, you may get the impression that the online role-playing game with Hack & Slay Vibes fails too easily. In fact, the fighting for a long time, the fighting for a long time inspires its impact, the supple animations and the chic effects. A chance against the deadly effect thunderstorm have neither large trash groups nor the first bosses. Or formulated differently: better one can not live out his power fantasy.

Light levels, crisp endgame

However, Lost Ark does not remain so easy. Even if the properly hard Legion raids are not in the game, you can already wonderfully wonder the hairy hero’s wound wound – for example, some Guardian raids or abyss. According to community manager Roxx, there are instances where players can show a success rate of less than ten percent. Therefore, the Publisher always reached the request to mitigate some of the endgame challenges.

Nerfs for dungeons and raids

And Amazon Games reacts! Roxx announced a few hours in the official forum that with the upcoming Weekly update will weaken the subsequent guard RAIDs and Abyss-Dungeons of the Tier 1 and Tier-2 area:

  • Vertus (Guardian RAID)
  • Nacrasena (Guardian RAID)
  • Fire Fox Yoho (Guardian RAID)
  • Tytahlos (Guardian RAID)
  • Agates (Guardian RAID)
  • Alberhastic (Guardian RAID)
  • Origin of the necromancer (abyss-dungeon)
  • Hall of the twisted warlord (abyss-dungeon)

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* Hildebrandt Palace (Abyssis Dungeon)
* Sea of ​​inertia (abyss dungeon)

Announcement ensures a lot of criticism

Although this announcement was triggered by feedback from the community (and the data acquired), there are now many players who do not agree with the coming attenuations. Two forum posts deal with the topic: “Stop Nerfing Content” and “Answer Regarding Guardian Raid and Abyss Dungeon Difficulty”.

According to the players you would just patch the fun from the game with the Nerfs. It just be “stupid” to hear the pair of casuals, which are headlessly falling into a random group, just want to let themselves. With views of the upcoming Legion raids, which once again fails a whole corner harder, it is important that people play themselves through the Guardian Raids and Abrow Dungeons. Only in this way do you learn mechanics and game systems, deal with your character and will be better.

How ​​do you see it? Are you already failed in the endgame at bosses or do you have the challenges easy for you? And how do you rating the upcoming Nerfs? Details should do it with the associated patch notes by the way. Of course we will keep you up to date.

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