Steam: Valve does not plan its own subscription

However, one is open to an implementation of the Game Pass on Steam open.

Some may have been wondering if and when Valve brings his own subscription service to Steam the start. The Game Pass of Microsoft has been doing for years as successful as something. In general, it looks like the future is the on-demand services (if cloud-gaming sometime is correctly interspersed correctly), similar to the film and serial range. Therefore, it seems like not so absorbent that Steam will eventually be expanded through such an offer, right? Well, Valve boss Gabe Newell has given the first time a discharge.

Xbox Game Pass Could Soon Come to Steam Deck & Steam on PC

“I do not think that the construction of a subscription service is currently something we have to worry about ourselves,” says the CEO in conversation with the colleagues of the PC Gamer. But there is another solution: Why not just integrate the Game Pass in Steam, as Electronic Arts already made with EA Play? Newell describes the service of Microsoft as a “popular option” and one would be more than happy to work with the Redmonder Group to get him on Steam.

It is certainly not completely unrealistic that the Game Pass could eventually be subscribed and used directly by Steam. Microsoft now releases its games all in the Valve online store and you have already taken several times in the past that you can imagine to offer the Game Pass only on home-own platforms. The only problem could be distributing different versions of the games via Steam and the Windows Store, which is why they also have differences. A good example here is the 2021 published The Ascent. Anyone who has bought the game passported by the Game Pass or in Microsoft’s own store has thus had more technical problems than the users of the Steam variant.