First Live Trailer

The magic sponsors is one of the cartoons of Nickelodeon more beloved by the community, and thanks to Paramount +, This franchise will charge new life with its own series Live-Action. Cosmo and Wanda They gave the jumper of the animation to the real world, in a production that combines both visual styles.

Fairly OddParents Live-Action Show Trailer Reveals Timmy Turner Grown-Up

The Fairy Oddarents: Fairly Odder is a completely new series that will arrive at Paramount + next month. Today, the _streaming platform revealed its first trailer, which shows us the return of Cosmo and Wanda.

Despite being Live-Action, Fairly Odder will be connected to the original series. Viv, the protagonist of the series, is the cousin of Timmy Turner . When the father of viv the silent to dimmsdale to meet with her high school love, timmy commissioned you viv to monitor * cosmo and wanda. *

The first season of this series will be composed of 13 episodes and all of them will be available next March 31 at Paramount +.

Editor’s note: Honestly, the series does not look as bad as I thought although of course, nothing is compared to the original caricature. Paramount + definitely wants to exploit all its franchises, and we will see how this is in the future.