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Shadow Warrior 3 available Day One on the PlayStation Now, 10 min from gameplay to celebrate this

It is in a week that will finally go out the expected Shadow Warrior 3, and if the title of Flying Wild Hog is expected on all platforms (except the Switch obviously), the Polish studio has visibly set up A big partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is pleased to announce the release of the Day One game on the PlayStation Now. This is the first time a new game comes out the same day on the Sony streaming platform, which tends to prove that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing to address the same strategy as Microsoft for its Xbox Game Pass. It must be said that the subject is on the lips of everyone and that the American giant has proven that the other battle was now on these subscription services. Story that good news is accompanied with beautiful pictures, Sony Interactive Entertainment has published several videos of Shadow Warrior 3 on its YouTube channel, revealing several gameplay elements (katana, grapple, executions), as well as a big 10 min video where you can see an entire segment of the game. It’s beautiful, it moves well, it’s Gore and it’s funny at a time.

Shadow Warrior 3 - Full Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4
The output of Shadow Warrior 3 is expected for next March 1 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4 and Xbox One.