FC Chelsea: so explains Tuchel Lukakus Bankplatz

Thomas Tuchel did not invoke the Champions League in the 16th Final First Game of the Champions League against Osc Lille Romelu Lukaku in the FC Chelsea FC Chelsea. As a reason, Tuchel led missing fitness.

“I felt that he was a bit tired and exhausted,” Tuchel explained before the game at BT Sport.

Lukaku last played a lot, supplemented the Chelsea coach and attested Lukaku in the game against Crystal Palace “not the best performance”. According to _Opta_dates, Lukaku had set a negative record at the 1-0 victory of the blues on Saturday with only seven ball contacts.

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“It is perhaps easier to come from the bank and turn the leaf if necessary,” Tuchel said.

Lukaku returned to Stamford Bridge in the summer for 115 million euros from Inter Milan. But so far he has not completely convinced. At the beginning of the year Lukaku had criticized his role under Blues coach Thomas Tuchel as well as his general situation. Although he apologized later to the fans, but the 28-year-old provided a cryptic Snapchat embassy for excitement. “If you have to force it, it probably does not fit,” Lukaku wrote.

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In the current season Lukaku has scored ten goals for the FC Chelsea in 28 competitive games, and he delivered two templates.