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Platinum Games New STG “Sol Cruncher” Released- “Todays Send!”

Platinum Games has released self-borne shooting “ Sol Crotter ” and “ Sol Cruncher Matic DLC “.

This work is “inheriting the soul of classic games, pursuing the essential fun of the game with modern technology” The first edition of the new project “Neo-Classic Arcade” series of Platinum Games. The main work of the company’s April Fools Neta is now released.

The original neta “Moon Crunch” “Terracsta” is a STG released by Japanese products in the 1980s, and the more attacking power is given to combine with the friendly machine. This work is equipped with “self-adult” systems that further evolve the strategic nature of this coordinated romance and formation. “Amaterasu” “Tsukuyomi” “Yamato”, “Yamato” consisting of three machines, “Yamato”, changes attack performance. Since separation and coalescence can be done freely, it is said that it will be used in accordance with the situation according to the situation.

Development has issues to clear rights, etc.

“Sorcresta” and “Sorcresta Dramatic DLC” and “Sorcresta Dramatic Edition”, which have become one of the two works, will be released on the PC (STeam) / PS4 / Nintendose switch on February 22, 2022.