Pokemon Go Scenic Tour: Play Johto with Ticket? That brings you the acquisition

We reveal you below which content you get when you acquire the ticket. For this we contrast with the web content that players will certainly not obtain without a ticket. You can quickly find out if the purchase is worthwhile for you.

Inpokémon Go launches the Johto tour and also supplies the chance to get a ticket for the event.

On Saturday the Pokémon Go Trip starts: Johto for trainer all over the world. That desires, can buy a ticket for concerning 12 EUR for the one-day event. Hence you will switch you much more rewards and content.

Johto tour with ticket play – worth it?

What is this for an occasion? The Pokémon Go Scenic Tour: Johto
When will it run? On February 26, from 09:00 to 21:00 Regional time
What does the ticket price? If you acquire a ticket, you need to pay concerning 11.99 EUR. Each ticket customer can determine for the silver or gold edition.

An even more thorough review of the materials that you will certainly obtain without a ticket at the Johto Tour, we likewise show you on Meinmmo.

We reveal you the components of the Go Scenic tour in the adhering to table: Johto in the overview and whether you are offered without a ticket or only with ticket. After that we most likely to individual points again in information.

The special research study for Ticket owner

You must additionally shut brand-new friendships. Saves you our short article exactly how to construct brand-new friendships in Pokémon Go. Part of research study is also about discovering new areas.

What do we understand regarding research study? It is clear that you function with each other in special research with Teacher Willow. It must have to do with enhancing the relationships to various other coaches and also find out more about the Johto area.

The jobs include:

  • Capturing different Pokémon

  • Create Pokémon
  • Star dust gain
  • Make go pictures
  • Beating Rüpel of Team Go Rocket

What are the incentives? Niantic promises to reward you with development products as well as strange radar parts. There are likewise Pokémon encounters with an amazing Garados as well as Celebi. If your Celebi gets throughout the occasion, it masters the Attack Spellblatt.

Masterpiece research study

Is The JOHTO TOUR Event Worth Buying?

We have an overview with all Pokémon and Shinys that are brought in to the Golden or Silver Edition of the Johto Tour for you on Meinmmo.

Golden as well as Silver Edition.

How to make a decision for an edition? Opens your stock in Pokémon Go. Scroll to the dark blue Johto tour ticket and also click it. It currently opens a window with text. Scrolls down in this home window. Here you can now determine for gold or silver.

What’s that? After buying the ticket you have the option to choose for the Golden or Silver Version. The differences are which Pokémon are drawn in by your smoke and at which Pokémon you have a greater chance of shinys.

One of the most essential feature of the Pokémon Go Excursion: Johto we have actually summarized you in 3 minutes.

What is that? The masterpiece research concerning the Johto tour Ticket owners turn off automatically.

What we recognize about the new Pinnacle kinds of Lugia and also Ho-Oh.

What are the rewards? Via the research study, your Pinnacle Crypto-Ho-Oh and also Peak Crypto-Lugia satisfy. If you have actually chosen the Golden or Silver Edition, it does not matter Ho-Oh after that dominates a reinforced type of the strike of purifier fire, Lugia a strengthened form of air.

Exists any kind of concrete content that could encourage you to purchase a ticket, or will you play the event completely free? Write us your point of view here on Meinmmo in the remarks.

Inpokémon Go launches the Johto tour and also offers the opportunity to get a ticket for the occasion. What does the ticket cost? If you purchase a ticket, you have to pay regarding 11.99 EUR. The masterpiece research regarding the Johto tour Ticket owners transform off instantly. ** After getting the ticket you have the choice to decide for the Golden or Silver Edition.