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The Diver 2 Korean version, PS4 and Nintendo switch scheduled to launch

Eise Tou Interactive (H2 Interactive, Representative Huh Junhae), said the Fantasy Action Adventure Games developed by Wanin International, said that the Fantasy Action Adventure Game ‘The Diver Diver 2’ Korean version will be launched on March 8, which comes to the Nintendo switch.

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“The Saska Diver 2” is due to the confusion of the dimension, which is the confusion that Yuhanhing, which corresponds to the West Writing and the Fancy World of Taiwan. In the story, the main character of the sheep, the nanny and the Wonders, meet with the world’s residents “Gonger” and struggle together to recover the world.

Colleagues, a heroine and three cremans, came back to “The Diver Diver 2”. Unlike the previous work, the characters that can be played in addition to the main character are diverse, and the combat system and action were greatly improved compared to the previous work. In particular, the strategic property was significantly rising in accordance with character-specific abilities and combat styles.

■ Game Features

\ – Game background with a famous place of Taipei
\ – West of Taiwan, Market,
\ – The number of manipulation characters, the stage of the story, the character custom everything is more advanced,
\ – From combo to “Break” to the new combat system!

For more information on “The Diver Diver 2” PS4, Nintendo Switches, please visit the official website, Facebook and YouTube.