Best offers from Bundle PlayStation 4

Last update there is June 27, 2020

The life cycle of the Playstation 4 could be ending while Sony Interactive Entertainment is preparing for the release of its next console, but that does not mean that the PlayStation 4 will go anywhere. To date, the PS4 has what many consider as the best exclusives of the current generation. From favorites who appeal to the crowd as Marvel’s Spider-Man and dieu of the war at massive and avant-garde experiences as an echoing of death, there is a little something for every1. As close as possible to the new generation consoles, the PS4 still receives new exclusive AAA versions as last of us, Part II_ and Fantômes of Tsushima.

This is the ideal time to buy a PS4, but there have been a number of price increases and shortages for consoles in the light of Covid-19. Fortunately we have covered you and found the best offers still available.

Best Packs for Games included

How To Get the ULTIMATE Best Game Deals During PlayStation Store Sales

Sony PlayStation Slim 4 1TB only on the PlayStation PS4 console

For $ 399.99, you can get a thin PS4 with 1 terabyte of memory (it’s the same as PS4 Pro) and three of the best exclusives Playstation of this generation – The last of us remastered, Horizon Zero Dawn, and _dieu of the war. __ Although this specific set can be found with sellers on eBay, the best price we could find was still $ 399.99 at Walmart.

Sony PlayStation Slim 4 1TB Fortnite Neo versa PS4 Bundle

Come at the same price As a Only On PlayStation pack, you will not sail money on it, but if everything you need is a box to play Fortnite on, it will do the job. In addition to the console and the controller, this pack includes exclusive features Fortnite Content: The Epic Neo Versa, Epic Neo Phrenzy Back Bling and 2000 V-Bucks.

Best Bundles for PS4 Pro

Set PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB Open World & Controller Console

$ 499 is high compared to what you use to get a PlayStation 4 Pro, but this set in Kohl’s you will get the pro edition much more powerful of the console and two excellent games in which you can devote a lot of time. Horizon Zero Dawn is a classic since its release, and no man’s sky has certainly grown (and improved) in something special enough.

Console PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB Exclusive Sony and Set of Red Controllers

Also from Kohl’s, this bundle will cost you about $ 520, but it will give you a pretty soft magma controller. The agreement also includes Days Gone and GRAN Turismo Sport.


PlayStation VR – Includes: PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4 Slim 500 GB, Uncharted 4 and 6 Games VR

If you are looking to have an overview of all playstation technologies that the PlayStation has proposed in the last generation, you can not do better than this set in NEWEGG. In addition to a console and a set VR, this set includes these Games VR: batman: arkham vr, juste at dawn: rush to the blood, driveclub, battlezone, licue mechanized combat, and eve: valkyrie. In case that’s not enough, this bundle is added Nharted 4 to start.

Best Basic Console Deals

If you are just looking to get a console and a controller, they are there. A PlayStation 4 Slim 1 to can be purchased at most major retailers for at least $ 299, but many are out of stock. The PlayStation 4 Pro is more readily available and can be purchased for $ 399 from large retailers as best buy and target.

It can be difficult to find good business today, but there are still some. It’s never too late to see everything the PlayStation 4 has to offer!