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The Shiro Games studio has published the first video with Spice Wars Gameplay, the 4X strategy game set in the Dune Universe.

In it we can see both the representation that the new game of Northgard creators on the planet arrakis will do as the user interface.

Some of the strategy mechanics can also be appreciated, such as the conquest of villages to harvest species, diplomacy and espionage options. And, logically, there is also a small breakthrough and two capital characters in history, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and the mythical sandworm.

The release of Dune: Spice Wars is scheduled for this spring in Steam in Early Access format, with subsequent updates that will add multiplayer modes, more factions and a full campaign for a player.

Dune: Spice Wars - The First Preview

Meanwhile, Funcom is still working on another title based on Frank Herbert’s novel. In this case it is a multiplayer survival game in the open world, which is being developed for both PC and consoles.