Beyond Good & Evil 2: Das Action

Who remembers the E3 2017? At that time, after years of honors and silence around Beyond Good & Evil 2 , a completely dissolved Michel Ancel proudly presented the continuation of the cult classic of the early 2000s. Much has changed since then in the video game world. Ancel is no longer working in the industry, the reputation of Ubisoft is after numerous allegations of abuse and toxic corporate culture on the ground.

Where is Beyond Good & Evil 2?

According to a Bloomberg article, in which, among other things talk about the current Assasin’s Creed, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in the planning phase. Bizarre is that Ancel 2008 also spoke of Pre-Production to Beyond Good & Evil 2. Say, the game is in different forms for over 13 years in development.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Buy Now) was always well announced. Not only on the E3 2017 there was groundbreaking news to the second part. Even at the end of the 2000s, pictures already ghosted by the widths of the Internet. The journalist Jason Schreier, known by the website Kotaku, described Beyond Good & Evil 2 as Vaporware. A game, which is announced, but may never be released.

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What’s next?

It is difficult to classify how much the current silence around the project associated with the scandals around Ubisoft. Since Ancels team was in criticism, but it would not be completely excluded. The keyword, which would summarize the report of the French magazine Libération, is toxic mismanagement. Ancel denied the allegations in this article 2020. This is around 150 frustrated former workers, which partly describes very unpleasant situations.

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Undoubtedly, it is more than questionable whether we will see Beyond Good & Evil 2 in the medium term on any platform. But it remains to hope that those who were previously involved in the production of the second part now at least in a better work environment.

Sources: VG247

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