Offering Google Release Opportunity, Netmarble Game Academy Excellence

The Netmarble Cultural Foundation said on the 14th, the social contribution of the social contribution business game for future game talent, and it is said that the 6th completed ceremony ceremonies are held and held an exhibition that reveals the game work that the apricon was produced directly.

The game academy, which began in 2016, is a member of the Netmarble Cultural Foundation, which provides a game development process training for about 8 months, for adolescents that dream of playing games.

On the last 10 days, the company, which has been inframe on-line online, has attended 72 students (12 teams) and NetMabble Cultural Foundation officials, and the awards for 12 games produced by students.

The target is a teddy bear for a nightmare, and a teaching game that develops a nightmare to take advantage of a nightmare, and a teaching game that developed a nightmare, the Best Historic, the Best Prize, selects a material, The Fairy Tail team made a simulation game ‘believing or not hospital’. The target and the best prize winner are 5 million won and 3 million won, respectively, and provide Google Play Store launch opportunities.

Awarded awarded awarded awarded awarded a Student of Hong Joon-seo, “I am grateful to the mentors who have done a team with a team member and our team to move in the development direction.

Netmarble Cultural Foundation Na Young Secretary, is a “encouragement and appreciation to the sixth students who have created a highly completed work, beyond the limitations of online education in a long-term corona situation. Experiences and knowledge accumulated at the game academy grows into a future game talent I hope to be a cornerstone, and I will try continuous efforts in subsequent education. “

The Netmarble Cultural Foundation opens the future dream, the game, which will disclose the offline exhibition of the game Academy astonishment. Game Academy 6th and Boot Camp 1 Congressional Component Works can be verified directly, and the development of the ranges is also exhibited.

The exhibition will be held free from March 5 (8 am to 8:00 pm, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, 6:00 am to 6:00 pm). Proceed the procedure for confirmation when entering the social distance instructions with a partial distance with a partial basis.

Meanwhile, the Netmarble Cultural Foundation will recruit students to participate in the 7th game Academy 7th and deepening program boot camp 2 in the first half of this year. For more information on the Netmarble Game Academy, you can see on the Netmarble Cultural Foundation website.