This is the worlds smallest “DOOM” play device? 1.3 inch display, button operable machine appeared

Adafruit Industries, known for developing and selling open source hardware, produces a small device “ CODENAME PINKY ” that can launch “ DOOM ” and publishes play video.

The published “Codename Pinky” can play “DOOM” comfortably by means of 1.3 inch displays and button operations. Note that the source-grafted version “PRBOOM” is used in the firmware “RETRO-GO”. The following parts are published.

· ESP32 Pico V3 02, Dual Tensilica 240 MHz Core W / 2MB PSRAM
8 MB Flash
· 240 × 240 1.3 “TFT IPS
· MicroSD Card
· AW9523 GPIO Expander for 10 Buttons
· Const current Backlight
· Headphone AMP MUTE
· Card detect

Comments that the company has “the possibility of the minimum device” that “DOOM” can play. Mr. John Lomero and John D Cermack have clarified that you are planning to seek this device.

The company that I worked with the production of a mitigation device that “DOOM” can be played back. “CODENAME PINKY” seems to have various performance besides playing “DOOM”.