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Tales of Arise and Trails of Cold Steel: The animals are

The JRPGs remain a safe bet for animated adaptations, as evidenced by the latest announcements of Japan relating to future projects of Bandai Namco and Nihon Falcom. With in the case of the first the broadcast of an intro sequence for Tales of Arise, in the second some additional info for The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel, who will both spend expert hands with two famous studios.

It is once again the UfoTable studio that will be requisitioned to see revive the characters of Tales of Arise on small screen, and in particular the Duo Alphen and Shionne, widely highlighted in this sequence that naturally mixes CG and more traditional animation. No dissemination date has been communicated at the time of the time, but the conflict between Dahna and Rensens will probably continue very soon.

So This is Basically Trails of Cold Steel
On the side of Falcom, the renamed studio tatsunoko was called for a broadcast finally scheduled for early 2023. First TV series derived from this long fresco of JRPG (four episodes), the Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Northern War will follow the point From an original heroin, Lavi, North Ambria, in the northwestern part of Zemlya’s continent. The realization was entrusted to Eiichi Sato, known fans of animation for having broken the series aquarion logos (2015) and jûshinki Pandora (2018).