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Moses J. Moseley, Actor of The Walking Dead, died at 31 years

The world of entertainment is located in mourning after the sensitive death of Moses J. Moseley , actor of 31 years who participated in projects such as The Walking Dead, Watchmen and Hunger Games: Catching Fire. According to The reports, the corpse of Moseley was found the past January 26 at Hudson Bridge in Stockbridge , and the authorities are currently investigating the cause of death.

On January 24, the family of Moseley lifted a “missing person” report and eventually use the GPS of your vehicle to locate it. The agent of him, Tabitha Minchew, said the following about the death of the actor:

'The Walking Dead' Star Moses J. Moseley Dead at 31

“He was loved by all who came to know him. It was always an authentic light before everyone’s eyes. “

Moseley jumped to fame after appearing at The Walking Dead with Danai Gurira and her character, Michonne. Via Social Networks, many of the colleagues of him have been surrendering Tribute to Moseley:

“Devastated after listening about the death of Moseley. He was an incredibly kind and sensational human being. My friend will be missed. “

Rest in peace, Moses J. Moseely.