Google withdraws a large part of its support for Stadia, while focusing on selling technology to third parties

Google Desperate To Salvage Failed Stadia By Selling Cloud Tech To Peloton, Bungie, Capcom, & More
Google has decided to withdraw most of its efforts in Stadia’s part of consumption to focus on selling its technology to other companies, according to Business Insider.

According to the article published by the American Middle, the company no longer has the video game platform by streaming as a priority in its business plans, nor does it have an interest in ensuring the arrival of great First-Party titles to nourish your library. Apparently, and only 20% of Stadia team works on the consumer platform, focusing the rest on the sale of technology to third parties, as a white brand and through a new name (Google Stream).

Among these third parties is, for example, Capcom, which would use Stadia’s streaming technology to offer demos of its title through its own website. Another company that was in negotiations with Google to sign a similar treatment was Bungie, although internal sources point out that it is unknown right now how it will affect the purchase of Bungie by Sony this agreement, if it finally goes ahead.

It is another nail more in the coffin of a platform that has not been able to take off since its launch in 2019. Despite the good initial impressions that left its streaming technology, the failure at the level of the public and sales led Google to close its internal studies Video Game Development for Stadia After only fourteen months, in February 2021. Shortly after they began to emerge the first information in which Stadia was hundreds of thousands of monthly users below the objectives he had marked Google.

During the rest of the year the new releases began to scarce, and with them also the support of the companies. Currently, among the large sector, only Ubisoft continues to publish its games on the streaming platform. In a statement, the Mountain View company has affirmed that “it remains focused on bringing great games to Stadia in 2022”, with plans that the current catalog of two hundred titles adds around one hundred throughout this year, but the future does not Pinta pulled and the road to the Google Cemetery seems increasingly close.