FC Bayern: Offer on Niklas Süle lower than accepted?

Niklas Sule will leave FC Bayern after five years. In recent weeks, the defender with the dealers could not agree on an extension of his expiring contract. Allegedly, the offered salary has played a crucial role.

With Niklas Sule, FC Bayern loses a regular player to the zero tariff in summer. The record champion would have liked to expand the cooperation. But ultimately, a contract extension Süles failed media reports at the different financial ideas.

As “image” football chef Christian Falk reported, FC Bayern offered the center-back a basic salary of less than ten million euros.

Niklas Süle Interview:
Finally, in the reporting quite higher numbers, most recently, the Munich “Tz” wanted to learn about ten million euros from a bid.

Slee himself should have been disappointed by the offer of the offer. In addition, there was allegedly no written offer by the club. Rather, Slee was “called,” said his potential income.

Kahn: “Certain limits” at FC Bayern

The fact that FC Bayern and Siey could not agree on salary, CEO Oliver Kahn confirmed on the edge of the Bundesliga game between the leadership and RB Leipzig (3: 2).

“Of course it’s always about the money. Since we have certain limits, very specific limits we do not want to go over. We not only have responsibility for the Bayern offereding area, but also for the economic,” said the 52-year-old At “SKY”.

Within the team, Süles provides upcoming farewell for disappointment. “It’s a pity that a cornerstone in the defense goes away,” said Captain Manuel’s new at “Sky” and added: “All of us annoys that the Niklas is going, he will be missing, it was a way to get away has developed to his performance highlight. “