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Dragon Ball Animator has a problem with Super Hero

Although we still have no news related to the return of _ Dragon Ball Super _ on the girl screen, this year the movie of super Hero will be released, which promises to bring the action of the series to a new level, this Thanks to the complete integration of CG. However, there are people who are against this decision, between them, one of the original animators of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

On this occasion, Masaki Sato, who worked as director and principal animator at the original anime of dragon ball and dragon ball z, mentioned that he is interested in the story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, But the CG animation does not Convince completely . In-specific, he talked about vegeta shadows and nose as a detail that bothers him. This was what he commented:

Top Dragon Ball Z Animator RESPONDS to CG Move in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

“As I’m not involved in this movie, I can talk about this. I hate shading. I always try not to shade my noses, it just seems foolish. The animation drawn by hand… is a key sale point. I’m not too interested in the fully generated animation by computer, but if the plot is interesting, I think it’s okay! The only way to know with certainty will be watching the movie. “

Although talking about Vegeta’s shadows and nose could be seen as only one whim, these comments make it clear that, at least for SATO, there will be several details that do not achieve specification , and miss a bit of the sensation that The original anime transmitted.

On related topics, fans want to watch individual films of yamcha and other characters. Similarly, the public reacted to the new design of Gohan for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Editor’s note:

I can see where Sato’s concern comes from. By working all of him in a traditional style, adapting new animation styles can be complicated. However, modern studies have shown that 3D and CG can function in a good way, hopefully this is the case with the new Dragon Ball movie.